Yaaahooooo! For your enjoyment this long weekend, please watch and have a listen to this promotional video for Alpacka rafts newest creation the Alpackalypse. Alpacka has been the leader in the inflatable kayak industry leader for years. The biggest advantage to an inflatable kayak is that you don’t have to carry a rigid boat around with you on whatever adventure you are undertaking.

My great friend Nate Shoutis (Water Bear) shot, narrated, and edited this beautiful video. I created the music using an Ableton push. There is no guitar involved whatsoever; this is pure electronic goodness used to propel the scenery along. I recommend viewing (whether it’s the first or 7th time) on the largest screen and speakers you own.

The biggest tool that lesser known film-makers and musicians have at their disposal these days is the help of their friends spreading the word. Vimeo hosts this video, and our employers track the traffic it receives. Please help spread the word by liking, and sharing this video so that we can continue bringing these great projects home, and putting food on our tables. If you have a vimeo account and can click the “heart” button, or leave us a comment that is even better, and very much appreciated.

This is the first of several video projects I’ll be sharing over the next couple of weeks. If you would like to have a copy of the music please just leave a comment for me under the post on guitarborist.com and I will email the file to you. If you feel inclined to send it as a gift or float a dollar my way it is available on iTunes when you click –>HERE<--

Big thanks to my man Cabe Lindsay for the outstanding camo-logo design on the digital single. It alone is worth the price of admission.

Most importantly, please spread the word for me. Social media doesn’t deem messages important unless lots of people feel it is, so hit that thumb skyward.

I’m fortunate and thankful to have YOU ALL in my corner!

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