Guitar Instruction

A great teacher feeds the seeds of music, providing the guidance to grow.



Make your special event memorable and unique with a truly original musical talent.



Enhance your commercial or artistic endeavor with new music, made for you.


Three Key Services

1. Guitar Instruction

Think of your favorite teachers. Chances are they all shared a common ability to relate to you, and most likely, those around you. Were they funny? Were they focused? Did you feel like they cared about you? Was learning in their presence fun, or did it feel labored? Did they motivate, and inspire you? A full time guitar instructor since 2003, Dave has worked to hone his craft and teaching skills to make his students feel valued, and successful as musicians. Guitarborist curriculum offers hundreds of unique arrangements that aren’t available anywhere else.

2. Performance

As a seasoned performer, Dave Francis has performed at countless weddings, private parties, and public events. Dave’s own varied and eclectic tastes are apparent in his performance. Count on a player with technical skill, immense diversity, and a knowledge of how sound interacts with it’s environment to liven your event, and make it a success.

3. Composition

Enter our ever expanding gallery to see examples of what musical offerings Dave can provide to your project. He is proficient on classical, acoustic, 12-string, electric, and baritone guitar, dobro, banjo, ukulele, numerous percussion instruments and with electronic music production using Ableton, and Logic products. Experience = timely, tailored results.