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6 Minute Drivelapse from Lander, Wy to Missoula, Mt

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This is a drivelapse featuring a cool six minute representation of the 10 hour drive between Lander, Wyoming and Missoula Montana. The drive features hours of quick hitting views of mountain country, one of America’s most beautiful national parks and 30,000 feet of ups and downs in elevation gain and loss. Likes, shares and comments are always appreciated.

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Dave Francis – Eleanor Rigby for Solo Baritone Guitar

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\\\\\\Ah, look at all the lonely people (and crushed cars!)/////// Howdy. Today’s offering from Guitarborist is really, um… let’s say unique. In my life, I have not always been the biggest fan of this song by the Beatles. I started looking at the score for it after a student requested the song as learning material. My whole opinion changed radically, as I was again reminded how visionary and groundbreaking the Beatles were. For those of you with a little music know how, the majority of the 1st and 3rd beats in this song have melodic ties. This works really well for fingerstyle arranging because you can pop bass notes in the middle and make it sound sweet! So anyway, after a little while working, I finished my arrangement of this song. I liked it enough to make a recording, and decided that I liked it best on my baritone guitar. A baritone guitar still has six strings, and plays like a regular guitar, however it is tuned much lower and effectively sounds like a hybrid between a guitar and a bass. For this reason I would suggest viewing this through speakers with some BASS. Trust me it will sound a…

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