Guitarborist Lesson Policies

  • Lessons will be held weekly year round unless notified otherwise.
  • Tuition is payed on a per month basis.  Throughout the calender year you will receive an average of four lessons per month, some months there may be three scheduled lessons and some months there will be five scheduled lessons.  This will result in a minimum of 44 scheduled lessons annually.
  • Lessons will not take place on any federal holidays.  I will follow the Missoula County Public School system schedule in regards to holidays (including Spring and Christmas breaks) but not teacher in-service, and parent teacher conference days.
  • Payment for the month is required to be made in full by the first lesson of the month or the first lesson of each trimester payment period.
  • I require 4 weeks notice if you plan to leave your lesson spot so I can arrange for the next person on the list.
  • If you are sick or another emergency comes up and you miss your lesson, you will not be credited for the lesson.  If my schedule allows I will offer a make up lesson within the week of absence.
  • If I have to cancel a lesson due to illness or emergency and I cannot make up the lesson within the week; the lesson will not be charged to the student(s) and lessons will resume with the next scheduled lesson (a credit will be made to the next month’s bill).
  • If you cannot make your lesson time for a month you must pay one half of tuition to hold your time slot or let the time go and you will be placed on the bottom of my wait list.  I am also willing to prorate months with two or less days of attendance to this rate if you are unable to attend more than two lessons and make prior arrangements.
  • Thank you for your cooperation, “I respect you and your time, please respect mine.”

To Schedule a lesson, inquire about rates, or any other questions call or email Dave at:
Phone: 307-751-3571