This is a short film that I was contracted to score by Alaska Fish and Game. Bristol Bay Alaska is the world’s largest salmon fishery, and truly a great example of how to manage the harvest of wild species without depleting resources. It’s ingenuity, and commitment to the long term future of this precious natural resource sets the standard globally for how consumable species should be managed. ADF&G’s hope is that spreading the word about their practices, and management will help other major fishing operations follow their lead, and be proactive in maintaining the world’s fish populations for posterity. This is IMPORTANT stuff, and I was honored to be able to provide the music to move the message along.

If you are interested in adding the score to your own music library it is available on iTunes by clicking HERE. The piece is called Anadromous, which refers to a species born in fresh water that spends it’s life in the sea before returning to it’s birth grounds to spawn, and perish. How insane is that?

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