Hey y’all, please help me out with an experiment! It’s been a while since I’ve tried running a post through the Guitarborist facebook page. You may, or may not be aware that as of calender year 2015 FB requires businesses to pay for their posts to show up in their followers timelines. It really stinks for small business, and anybody without a monstrous budget trying to be recognized, or just reach their friends with a tune they’ve been working on. Organic likes and shares seem to be the only way around this new model, and I surely appreciate yours.

This video was filmed at a pretty spot on a road trip by my medium (not very little) man about a month ago. The piece is “As it is in Heaven” by Phil Keaggy. For those interested this was recorded in a single take using a pair of AKG 414’s and a direct line running into DTAR soltice via a Strymon Timeline.

Thanks for the help getting this into the world, and please check services at guitarborist and tons of cool videos at my gallery.

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